Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris – Game Jam Build

Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris is a challenging 3D Tetris puzzler in which you rotate your base around 360 degrees and occasionally get large chunks of it blown up by nuclear missiles.

The goal of Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris is similar to the classic game of Tetris – try to form solid 8 block long lines so that they disappear and try not to let the structure grow too large. You can rotate the blocks as they head towards your base, but you can also rotate the entire base. This can take a little getting used to and when the blocks speed up things really get tough. You do have a little assistance though, in the form of nuclear missiles that spawn after every 1000 points you earn, blowing up massive chunks of your base when they explode and giving you a little breathing space.

It’s a simple little game, but Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris offers a real challenge with Its fun twist on the classic gameplay of Tetris. A block dropping puzzler that’ll really test you space-ial awareness!

Download Zero-G Nuclear Space Tetris Here (Win, Mac & Linux)