Zero Volt X – Game Jam Build Download

Zero Volt X is a fun vertically scrolling pixel art shoot ‘em up that sees you managing the power levels of your sub-systems on-the-fly, prioritising rockets, guns or shields as needed.

Created for Ludum Dare 39, in Zero Volt X you pilot a nimble little spacecraft through hostile terrain. You automatically fire your guns and rockets, so don’t have to worry about holding a fire button, but you do have to worry about managing your power levels.

While flying you use the arrow keys to manoeuvre and the WASD keys to prioritise your ship’s subsystems. There are three subsystems – shield, guns and rockets, each of which you can have on full power, totally off or anywhere in-between. Adding more power to shields helps them recharge quicker, while powering up guns or rockets gives you more firepower (guns are good for enemies straight ahead of you, rockets are useful for picking off hard to reach targets). You only have a set amount of energy to dedicate to all your systems though, so you need to adjust the sub-system power on-the-fly.

As it was created in just 48 hours for Ludum Dare, Zero Volt X is a pretty short game, but its unique power management shmup’ gameplay is great fun and the pixel art visuals are excellent throughout. A cool little shooter well worth powering up.

Download or Play Zero Volt X Here (Windows & Browser)