ZeroGrave – Alpha Demo

ZeroGrave is a slick and stylish Descent inspired six degrees of freedom Sci-Fi FPS where you fly through a network of neon-filled levels, blasting the many defenses that stand in your way.

Drawing inspiration from the 1995 classic, Descent, ZeroGrave sees you piloting a drone-like flying vehicle through labyrinthine networks of rooms and blasting the hostile drones that inhabit them. The levels are fairly straight-forward, and most of the time you’ll just need to find differently colored keycards to open doors to the exit.

It’s still early in development and it could do with a bit more variety in objectives and enemies, but the core gameplay is already a lot of fun and the neon-filled visual style is excellent. Your ship is very responsive and it’s remarkably easy to get to grips with the six degrees of freedom movement (which can often be disorientating in 6DoF shooters). It’s shaping up to be a very welcome addition to an often overlooked genre of shooter.

Download The ZeroGrave Alpha Demo Here (Windows)