ZeroRanger – Beta Demo

ZeroRanger is a very cool vertically scrolling bullet hell shoot ‘em up that will really put your reflexes to the test as you blast your way through it’s beautifully animated pixel art levels.

In ZeroRanger you are a fighter ship pilot who is taking part in a special training program to hone their skills so they can take on a massive alien army that’s invaded earth. In the current build you have a choice of two fighter ships which you can pilot against the alien hordes across some very tough levels. Each level sees blasting your way through swarms of alien ships, with different environments phasing in throughout and then culminating in a challenging boss fight.

You don’t earn weapon power-ups throughout the levels, instead you unlock new weapons for each boss that you defeat. These alternate weapons are assigned to different keys, so you don’t need to take any time to switch between them – which is good as you’ll be alternating between them a lot (particularly in levels were enemies appear at the side of you).

ZeroRanger really impresses with it’s adrenaline fuelled arcade combat, gorgeous pixel art visuals and excellent level design that throws something new each time you phase into a new environment. It’s a very addictive and exhilarating experience that will seriously test the skills of bullet hell pros while offering plenty of ‘wow’ moments to draw in newcomers too. Highly recommended retro arcade action.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ZeroRanger Beta Demo Here (Windows)