ZEscape – Alpha Key Giveaway (Steam)

ZEscape is a run n’ gun asymmetric multiplayer first person shooter in which a team of humans face off against hordes of player-controlled zombies and giant AI controlled bosses.

First featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, ZEscape features a wonderfully gory Left 4 Dead-esque asymmetrical multiplayer first person shooter experience as humans do battle against undead monsters. Matches take place in stages that are more like full FPS campaign levels than horde mode-style arenas, with objectives, platforming sections, traps and huge boss fights to contend with (as well as the constant threat of the player controlled hordes). As it’s zombies you’re fighting, death isn’t the end for the human side either – you join the zombie side and start to hunt down your ex-teammates.

ZEscape also features character classes with unique abilities, character customization, upgrades and hats (because you have to look good while blasting zombies!). It’s a fun game with fast paced zombie blasting action that scratches that Left 4 Dead itch, but with mode diverse level design and climactic boss fights.

We have 200 ZEscape Steam Alpha Keys to Giveaway! To claim your Steam Alpha key, simply carry out any four actions in the widget below and the key will appear instantly! The devs are also very keen to hear feedback, so feel free to drop by the ZEscape Discord Group anytime and say hi!

You can follow the development of ZEscape Here

ZEscape Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!