ZEscape – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

ZEscape is an impressive new asymmetric first person shooter with fast paced run and gun gameplay, big guns and buckets of blood that sees humans facing off against hordes of player controlled undead monsters and giant Ai controlled bosses.

As we mentioned during the closed Alpha sign up back in May, ZEscape offers some good old fashioned zombie blasting fun set across undead infested levels. It features customisable characters, class based abilities, upgrades, hats, multiple game modes and a selection of high powered weaponry. Levels are broken down into three stages, with a team of humans pitted against a team of zombies. The stages offer plenty of variety and see the human team taking on platforming challenges, human controlled zombie hordes and big AI controlled bosses. Death isn’t the end either – when one of the human team dies they’ll join in the ranks of the undead and hunt down the remaining humans.

It’s a great looking game that seems to scratch that fast paced zombie blasting Left 4 Dead itch, but with more diverse gameplay and some badass bosses to take on. We have 100 ZEscape Steam Alpha Keys to Giveaway! To enter, carry out any of the actions in the widget below, each action earns another entry into the raffle. Winners will be notified on Friday. The devs are also very keen to hear feedback, so feel free to drop by the ZEscape Discord Group anytime and say hi!

You can follow the development of ZEscape Here

Escape Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!