Zestre – Beta Download

Zestre is a spooky little puzzle game that draws inspiration from Balkan folklore as you attempt to fill a dowry trunk with three special hand crafted items before you can marry.

In Zestre you find yourself trapped in an old family home, filled with memories, puzzles and religious imagery. To escape the house you must carry out the long lasting Balkan tradition of Zestre, which involves filling a dowry trunk with carefully crafted household items in preparation for a marriage. To make the items required to fill the trunk you’ll need to solve a variety of cleverly crafted puzzles and all the while there’s a sinister atmosphere hanging in the air.

Taking around twenty minutes to play through, Zestre impresses with its intuitive and inventive puzzle design, beautiful artwork and creepy atmosphere. It’s interesting to learn little anecdotes of Balkan family life as you play and the way the house interior alters as you progress is a nice touch. A stylish and spooky little puzzler well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Zestre Beta Here (Windows & Mac)