Zeus’ Battlegrounds – Open Beta

Zeus’ Battlegrounds is now in Open Beta, so now everyone can join in the 100 Demigod brawling Greek mythology inspired battle royale action!

As we mentioned during the Closed Beta, Zeus’ Battlegrounds combines last man standing battle royale action with Greek mythology as 100 Demigods battle to earn a place in Olympus. Playable in first or third person, it features God or War-esque melee focused combat, different types of armor, a large selection of weaponry, mounts (including chariots) and a selection of powerful Godly abilities.

It’s a fun twist on the battle royale genre that allows you to get up close and personal with your foe before you smash them into the dirt. Join the game before you October 5th and you’ll earn a snazzy looking crown to wear into battle too. So what are you waiting for? Time to fight like a God or die like a mortal!

Download The Zeus’ Battlegrounds Open Beta Here