Zeus’ Battlegrounds – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We Have 2000 Beta keys to giveaway for Zeus’s Battlegrounds, a brutal God or War-esque take on the Battle Royale genre that sees 100 demigods fighting to earn a place in Olympus.

We first featured Zeus’ Battlegrounds on Alpha Beta Gamer a few weeks ago during the closed Beta sign up. It’s a brutal Battle Royale last man standing combat game that allows for solo or group play in its vast that Greek mythology themed game world.

After dropping into the battlefield players are able to find and use legendary weapons, equip four levels of godlike armor and even ride horses and chariots into battle. The battles features a blend of bone crunching melee and ranged combat, and being a demigod, you also have access to some badass god powers, such as invisibility or summoning lighting.

You can play Zeus’ Battlegrounds in first or third person and there are a nice selection of customization options and unlockables for your character. The game will be taking a leaf out of Fortnite’s book when it comes to the live content too, with new seasons bringing new content and unique cosmetic items to unlock. In fact, if you join in the Beta test this weekend (Sept. 22nd: 10am PST to Sept. 24th: 10am PST) then you’ll unlock an exclusive Frost Reaver sword skin that’ll look damn cool swinging at your opponents heads in-game!

To claim your Zeus’ Battlegrounds Steam Beta key, simply carry out any four actions in the widget below and the key will appear instantly! Please note that the servers will next be live this weekend between 10am PST Saturday Sept. 22nd and 10am PST Monday Sept. 24th.

You Can Follow The Development of Zeus’ Battlegrounds Here

Zeus’s Battlegrounds Steam Beta Key Giveaway!

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