Zillion: Assault on Maris – Prototype

Zillion: Assault on Maris is a fan made mash-up of the Zillion Anime show and the classic Master System light-gun game, Assault City.

Developer moonkey states that they always suspected that Assault City was created from assets of a cancelled Zillion game. So why not see what it would actually look like if it actually was a Zillion game? So far Zillion: Assault on Maris features the first two stages of Assault City, complete with lots of Zillion goodness.

The gameplay in Zillion: Assault on Maris is pretty similar to Assault City, but with you using a mouse rather than a light-gun. It’s a classic shooting gallery style game with you blasting baddies and collecting health and ammo when you can. You really need to be accurate as ammo is limited and the boss battles require a little thought as you try to figure out how to attack their weak spots.

It’s a lot of fun and offers a real challenge as you try to manage blasting baddies accurately and collecting ammo/health supplies. The pixel art visuals are fantastic and the fusion of Zillion and Assault City feels like a marriage made in heaven.

Play The Zillion: Assault on Maris Prototype Here (Browser)