Zippy’s Adventure – Game Jam Build

zippys adventure

Zippy’s Adventure, a tough pixel art platformer made for the 4-hour game jam, challenges you to get through a mysterious neon castle, collecting ability upgrades and avoiding its many hazards.

This charming little game, is about Zippy – a cute little character with not many abilities. Zippy jumps around the neon castle, avoiding spikes and going into purple doors. As you find your way through this castle, some doors lead to circular power ups. These power ups upgrade your abilities, allowing you to double jump and even shoot.  Enemies come in the form of flying birds, looking to peck you if you run into them, but you’ll have the last laugh once you get to your gun.

Zippy’s Adventure is pretty toughas you go through different areas of the castle, it becomes quite rage inducing. You must time your jumps perfectly, avoiding spikes and birds to make with your nimble little character. It’s a challenging, fun and very well crafted precision platformer – especially considering the short amount of time it was made in.

Play Zippy’s Adventure in your Browser HERE