Zniw Adventure – Beta Demo

Zniw Adventure is a prehistoric point and click adventure with charming animation and storytelling that feels like a an old Saturday morning cartoon as you help a lost dinosaur get back to her hometown.

In Zniw Adventure you help Zniw, a witty little yellow dinosaur who, by a series of unfortunate events, has ended up a long way from home and must now try to make her way back. Along the way you’ll meet quirky characters, solve puzzles and even learn a little bit about prehistoric times.

Zniw Adventure isn’t as mature or edgy as other point and click adventures – it focuses on being fun for the whole family. There’s no blood, gore or adult humor, instead you’ll find good wholesome entertainment reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon.

The current demo build of Zniw Adventure features two separate demo areas, taking around 15 minutes each to complete. It really impresses with its charming cartoony animation, quirky characters, witty humor and intuitive puzzle design. It’s a well crafted experience that should appeal to all ages. A prehistoric point and click adventure well worth checking out.

Download Zniw Adventure Beta Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for checking out the demo version of ZA! We’re really glad you enjoyed it! :D

    • You’re welcome! love the art style and the charming characters, glad to spread the word! :)

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