ZOE – Alpha Download

ZOE is a stylish side-scrolling hand drawn shoot ‘em up inspired by Cuphead and Resogun, where you blast enemies and attempt to destroy your animator’s paint brush.

In ZOE you control a cute little triangular character who has waged war against their animator’s paint brush which keeps filling your world with waves of enemies to blast. Your normal mode of movement is on the ground which allows you to soot in multiple directions as in Cuphead. However, if you have enough energy you can take to the air for some Resogun-esque left/right side-scrolling shoot ‘em up combat, which limits your shooting angles to left and right but gives you more freedom of movement and allows you to move faster.

Your energy levels and your health levels can be topped up by pounding the dots at the bottom of the screen and capturing territory. You only have a limited amount of them though so it’s best to save some for later on. There are lots of different enemies to blast and you can dash between them Resogun-style to keep your multiplier up. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the painter’s brush which will paint lines of enemies that will drop a power-up if you kill them all.

Even in these early stages of development it’s a great little shooter with a fantastic filmic visual style and a nice amount of depth to its fast paced arcade action. Show the painter who’s boss in this slick and stylish shoot ‘em up.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The ZOE Alpha Here (Windows)