Zoe and the Polypantheon – Game Jam Build

Zoe and the Polypantheon is a fun little point and click adventure where you solve puzzles and make sacrifices to appease the gods and escape a temple you’re trapped in (or destroy the world).

In Zoe and the Polypantheon you help Zoe, an eager young ancient religion enthusiast who has accidentally-on-purpose got herself locked in the newly excavated Temple and the Polypantheon and must now attempt to find some means of escape. There are a few useful items scattered around the temple which you can pick up and use, but you’ll have to make sacrifices to the gods at a special altar to be bestowed with the godly items you’ll need to make your escape. You may want to pay attention to what and who you’re sacrificing near the end though as there are three different endings, which range from escaping to destroying the world (so no pressure!)

Figuring out what item you need to sacrifice to what god is often just a case of trial and error, but other than that the rest of the puzzle design in Zoe and the Polypantheon is excellent. It’s a fun little adventure with a great sense of humor, charming visuals and a quirky premise. A tricky temple well worth breaking into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Zoe and the Polypantheon Here (Windows, Android & Browser)