Zombie Defence – Open Alpha

zombie defence

Zombie Defence is essentially an adorable 2D pixel art version of Call of Duty: Zombies, in which you fend of zombie attacks on your base against increasingly dire odds of survival.

You play as a lone soldier who must protect a renowned professor who is on the verge of discovering an antidote to cure the zombie outbreak. To do this you’ll have to run around your base battling zombies, holding doors for as long as possible and protecting the professor at all costs.

As you progress, different types of zombies will appear, each with their own abilities and increasingly harder to put down.  As well as working on the cure, the Professor also researches upgrades to help tackle this zombie menace, from jetpacks to machine gun turrets.  You can even purchase new guns from him with the cash that zombies drop, as well as trying out a wide selection of collectable hats.

With it’s charming pixel art animation, constant upgrades, hat unlocks, and fast, fun zombie blasting gameplay, Zombie Defence is a blast.  Will the professor have enough time to find a cure?  It’s up to you!

Play Zombie Defence in a Browser HERE or HERE