Zombie Society: Dead Detective – Beta Demo

zombie society dead detective game

Zombie Society: Dead Detective is a very impressive new point and click adventure with a witty Lucasarts-esque sense of humor, excellent pixel artwork and an innovative “Deaduction’ system that’s used for solving cases as you play a zombie P.I. in a world that’s been conquered by zombies!

In Zombie Society: Dead Detective the zombies have managed to conquer the entire planet and have even set up a civilised(ish) society. As in any civilisation crime is rampant, which is good for Margh, the Dead Detective who tuns a small Private Investigation agency and makes a living out of solving some very strange crimes for other undead citizens.

The artwork and animation in Zombie Society: Dead Detective is packed full of character and nice little touches that really help the games undead world come to life. Likewise the dialogue is very well written and full of witty humor that pokes fun at the day to day life of the undead. It feels fondly reminiscent of classic Lucasarts adventures, but feels a little fresher (despite the rotting stench of the undead) and it has a clever “Deaduction” system that sees you linking together clues to form your deductions.

If you’re remotely interested in point and click adventures we highly recommend checking out Zombie Society: Dead Detective. The current demo build offers up the first one of the four cases planned for the full game and is a joy to play from start to finish thanks to its creative puzzle design and excellent sense of humor. A fabulously funny zombie adventure that could make a corpse crack a smile.

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  1. Fantastic write up! You’ve definitely convinced me to play this!

    Would you mind adding a rough playtime to following reviews?

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