Zordak – Alpha Demo

Zordak is a stylish and atmospheric Sci-Fi metroidvania adventure that draws inspiration from Super Metroid, as you expore your spaceship after waking up from a long cryosleep to find that all of your crew are dead.

In Zordak you take on the role of a female protagonist who wakes up after an exceptionally long hypersleep in the spaceship she’s travelling on. It soon becomes apparent that all of the ship’s crew are dead and the ship is abandoned in space. You must now search the ship for answers and hopefully, another human being.

The current demo build of Zordak takes around 10 minutes to play though and really impresses with it’s high quality pixel art animation and foreboding atmosphere. There’s no combat in the current build, but it serves as a nice introduction to your characters skills and helps build a sense of atmosphere as you explore the ship she is now trapped in. It shows a lot of promise – a mysterious sci-fi metroidvania well worth checking out.

Download The Zordak Alpha Demo Here (Windows)