ZVR Apocalypse – Tech Demos

ZVR Apocalypse

ZVR Apocalypse is a brutal and visceral 3rd Person/First Person Shooter inspired by Gears of War and Dead Nation designed specifically for (but not exclusive to) Virtual Reality headsets.

The full game will feature third person exploration, intelligent zombies, cover shooting, loot, weapon upgrades, online leaderboards, some very cool close-up ‘Zombies-In-Face’ moments, and lots of zombified blood and gore.

The Tech Demos are really just to give a little taste of what’s to come, with the Rift versions offering a playable 3rd person Demo and a ‘zombie showcase’, while non-Rift owners can mess around with the Dismemberment Tech Demo.  Even the Dismemberment Tech Demo is great fun, allowing you to line up zombies and gun them down in slow motion, with limbs and blood flying everywhere.  Bloody brutal fun.

Check out the kickstarted page HERE

Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Download the ZVR Apocalypse Tech Demos HERE (PC, Mac & Oculus Rift)