Hiro’s Escape – Alpha Demo

Hiro’s Escape is a charming Game Boy styled stealth action puzzle game where you attempt to sneak past guards to find your family in 1467 Feudal Japan.

In Hiro’s Escape you control the titular character as he attempts to sneak his way through a series of vertically scrolling levels that are patrolled by samurai and archers. Most of the time you’re unarmed so you need to use stealth and cunning to make your way through each level unharmed. Sneaking past a guard isn’t always an option so you may have to lure them away from their guards spot or even get them to attack obstacles in your way or even each other.

It’s a great game with fantastic Game Boy styled pixel art animation, an interesting setting and easily accessible stealth action gameplay. The level design is particularly impressive, with each encounter essentially being an intricate puzzle you need to solve to get through unscathed. Highly recommended.

Download the Hiro’s Escape Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)