Uncle Nook’s Monster Emporium – Alpha Demo

Uncle Nook’s Monster Emporium is a roguelike first person horror game where you try to sneak through a procedurally generated mansion filled with loot and freaky monsters.

In Uncle Nook’s Monster Emporium you awaken in a bed in a strange old mansion. You now need to solve puzzles, find keys and escape while avoiding the various monsters that lurk in the mansions’ recesses. Along the way you’ll be able to scavenge various bits of loot that can give you beneficial stat effects, be used as weapons or used to unlock passageways (such as a crowbar being used to open a vent).

There is a lot of potential in Uncle Nook’s Monster Emporium, but at the moment it’s often more frustrating than frightening. It can be very easy to get lost, some of the puzzle rooms are extremely confusing and the monsters lose their scare-factor after you wander around a puzzle room for too long. That being said, it’s a great concept, the monster designs are satisfyingly freaky and all the equippable objects you find are very interesting. With a little more polish to the level design it could be a hell of a lot of fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Uncle Nook’s Monster Emporium Alpha Demo Here (Steam)