2 Button Metroidvania – Game Jam Build Download

2-button-metroidvania-game download

2 Button Metroidvania is a brutally difficult, retro precision platformer built for Ludum Dare 34 that takes the game jam’s theme of “Two Button Controls” to its natural conclusion.

Essentially, 2 Button Metroidvania is exactly what it says on the tin. You have access to only two buttons: the ‘a’ key does mostly jumping-based actions and the ’s’ key performs mostly shooting-based actions. All of the obstacles and puzzles you’ll encounter must be overcome by some combination of those two buttons, whether it is shooting down enemies or timing your jumps between platforms. As such, the game’s difficulty is heavily dependant on your ability to commit various button combos to memory and to then execute those combos flawlessly. Smartly, the game staggers the introduction of each new combo, allowing you to adjust the tricky control scheme before setting up a new challenge.

Even with the ample opportunities for practice, you will die a heck of a lot. The auto-running makes any area with enemies particularly difficult and there is a serious, no-holds-barred spike in difficulty when you eventually acquire wall-jumping. Fortunately, 2 Button Metroidvania is very forgiving with its checkpoint frequency and placement, even going so far as to prevent enemies from respawning when you die. So if you are looking for some sweet Gameboy-style pixel art and tough-as-nails level design, 2 Button Metroidvania is well worth playing (even if you end up rage-quitting when you miss a jump for the 48th time in a row).

Note: When you inevitably get stuck at a certain section, remember that you can backtrack. It is a metroidvania game after all.

Download or Play 2 Button Metroidvania Here (Windows & Browser)