Readapt – Alpha Demo


Readapt is a very cool local multiplayer (or single player vs bots) arena shooter in which all the modifiers (weapons, abilities, level layout, movement, controls and objectives) are randomly assigned every round, making for a fun competitive shooter that never gets old.

Rounds in Readapt are fast, fun and pretty frantic, with you getting a short test period of a few seconds to figure out your control scheme and objectives, then let loose in intense 4 player combat.  In each round, you control a small colored cube with he ability to move and fire, but the variety afforded by the various modifiers mean each round feels fresh and full of uncertainty.  Rounds can be battles for survival or objective based, with you attempting to capture an area or destroy enemy bases, while your weapons, abilities and movement is different every time.

It’s still early in development, but Readapt is shaping up very nicely, we can’t wait to see more of this wonderfully random multiplayer arena shooter. A game in which every single round is a short and unique challenge for you to adapt to and conquer.

Download the Readapt Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)